Salt Applications for Industry


Salt or sodium chloride is commonly known for its use in food to give flavor. However, salt applications are much more than enhancing the taste of our food. You may not be aware of it, but sodium chloride finds its usage area largely in the industrial areas.

Industrial salt is one of the most significant and most used components in variable industries. Due to the diversity of the industrial uses of salt, industrial salt supplies are highly demanded in the market. Its usage areas cover a lot of industry types such as deicing, oil industry, Chlor-alkali industry, and chemical industry. 

In this article, we will walk through different industrial uses of salt. 

Different Salt Applications for Industry

salt applications

1.     Use of Industrial Salt for De-icing

One of the industrial salt uses is deicing. Industrial salt is majorly employed for the maintenance of roads, sidewalks, and platforms. De-icing road salt is often spread across the roads creating a layer of brine before the surface freezes. This process delays or prevents the formation of ice. 

When the roads or sidewalks are already frozen or covered with snow, industrial salt is used to lower the freezing point of water. Thereby industrial salt melts the snow and delays the reformation of ice. Thus, the salt application for de-icing provides safer roads and prevents accidents.

2.     Salt Applications in the Oil & Gas Industry

industrial salt

Industrial salt is often used in an oil drilling rig to make it more efficient and safer. Other than this, industrial salt is utilized as an additive in mud used as drilling fluid. 

How industrial salt uses work in the oil industry:


  • Industrial salt increases the density of the soil and thus makes the drilling process safer. 


  • Industrial salt applications in mud used as drilling fluid acts as a lubricant and coolant for the drilling head.


  • Salt applications in the oil industry can also serve as flocculants, diverting agents, acidizing specialty additives, thinners/dispersants, and stabilizers.

3.     Industrial Salt in the Energy Industry

industrial salt in the energy industry

Energy production such as solar power energy requires industrial salt. Industrial salt helps maintain a certain level of salinity for specific reactions to take place. 

4.     Industrial Uses of Salt in the Chemical Industry

salt in the chemical industry

Industrial salt is largely used in the chemical industry to produce different chemicals. It is used as a raw material often in the manufacturing of chlorine, caustic soda, soda ash. Other than these, industrial salt is used in the manufacturing of a variety of products like caustic soda, sodium sulfate, sodium carbonate, hydrochloric acid, sodium bicarbonate, liquid sodium, metallic sodium, chlorine, and sodium nitrate.

5.     Industrial Salt for Chlor Alkali Industry or Electrolysis

industrial Salt for Chlor Alkali Industry or Electrolysis

Industrial salt is used to produce chlorine which is one of the primary components of hygiene and disinfection products. Chlorine is produced as a result of the electrolysis of a saturated salt solution. This makes sodium chloride (NaCI) the raw material of chlorine production. Turkey’s largest salt producer Koyuncu Salt offers high-quality industrial salt for variable industrial uses including the chlor alkali industry.

6.     Industrial Salt Uses in the Metal Industry

industrial Salt Uses in the Metal Industry

One of the industrial uses of salt is in the metal industry. Industrial salt is used in the processing of metals and secondary aluminum making as it removes the impurities.

7.     Textile Industry

salt Textile Industry

Industrial salt is used in the textile industry to fix the batches of dye. This way the textile industry achieves standardized dye.

8.     Salt Applications in the Rubber Industry

Industrial salt finds its use in the rubber industry to separate the rubber from latex. 

9.     Pharmaceutical Industry

salt Pharmaceutical Industry

Another one of the industrial uses of salt is the pharmaceutical industry. Salt is mostly used in the preparation of saline solutions and the production of capsules. From making intravenous formulas to contact solutions, industrial salt is quite important for saline solutions and thus for the pharma industry.

10. Soap Industry

salt soap Industry

Industrial salt is used in the soap-making industry as an additive as filler in the detergents and solvents. The addition of salt as filler helps separate a variety of chemicals easily. 

11. Pigment Industry

salt Pigment Industry

The pigment industry uses industrial salt as a filler and grinding agent during the manufacturing process.  

Besides these different industrial uses of salt, salt finds usage in more areas such as animal feeding saltwater softening/water treatment salt, and pool salt. Koyuncu Salt provides high-class industrial salt for each industrial area.

12.      Salt for Water Treatment

Water treatment is the process which removes contaminants and undesirable components, or reduces their concentration for industrial water supply and also important for human health in both drinking and irrigation use. Water softening salt is applied to remove calcium and magnesium in water to eliminate hardness. Salt for water treatment can be applied both for industrial and domestic purposes such as Dishwasher salt and regeneration salt.


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