Food Salt -  Koyuncu Salt

Food Salt is produced within the principles of the hygiene regulations and in accordance with the food notification.

It can be with or without iodine.


- For daily use Table Salt/Edible Salt

The basic vital functions of the human body are regulated by water and salt. Salt rate in the human body is 3.5%. The amount of daily salt consumption recommended by World Health Organization is 6 grams. Koyuncu Salt offers natural food salt for human consumption. Salt is available in different grain sizes as fine salt, extra fine salt, medium coarse salt and coarse salt.

- For food industry

According to the report of the European Commission, people supplies 77% of their daily salt requirement from processed packaged foods. Salt provides to protect the nutrients of packaged foods and increase the flavor of the products. Koyuncu Salt offers high quality food salt for food industry. Salt is supplied with iodized or non-iodized in polyethylene or polypropylene bags 10kg, 25kg or 40lbs and in supersacks / big bags.

- Kosher Salt

Kosher Salt, obtained by the evaporation of water, is known for its non-iodine content and coarse-grained. It belongs to the kosher food culture of the Jews. Our Salt is Kosher certified for use in preparing kosher meals and Kosher food industry.

- Halal Salt

Halal Salt is important for the Muslim people to not have any animal origined ingredient. Our salt is Halal certified for use in Halal food industry and in cooking Halal meals.