Located in the Central Anatolian Region of Turkey, the Salt Lake is is the largest lake and one of the natural salt lakes where the highest quality salt production takes place. With its surface area of approximately 3,500 km2, it is located in the closed watershed in Central Anatolia Region in the middle of Ankara, Konya and Aksaray provinces. The Salt Lake, is located in the middle of the tectonic zones,and is known for its rich mineral structure. It is one of the few lakes seen of the world leading in terms of salinity rate. It is estimated that approximately 250 million tons of reserves are available. This lake, has been producing salt since the early 1800's, actually meets 60% of salt production of Turkey.

The Salt Lake basin,is a home to so many different species of birds,and has about 6,000 birds nesting sites. In addition, 279 plant and bacterial species have been identified in the area. The Salt Lake is a Special Environmental Conservation Area, one of the most important natural areas of the world,and has been registered in the UNESCO World Heritage Temporary List because of its features.

Koyuncu Salt Lake Operates in Şereflikoçhisar a district of Ankara, Koyuncu Salt Factory is located in the northern area where salinity rate is most intense. We produce in an area of 18km2 in 5 pools in total.